Finance Department


Sarasota County borrows money to pay for the construction of major facilities or the purchase of equipment. A majority of the County's debt is in the form of bonds, allowing the County to spread repayment over time. As the County's Chief Financial Officer, the Clerk & Comptroller monitors the County's debt while ensuring the timely payment of debt service obligations and the accurate accounting of all debt transactions.   

Digital Assurance Certification, LLC (DAC) system is used to meet the ongoing disclosure requirements under the Continuing Disclosure Rules promulgated by the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC Rule 15c2-12, as amended]. All information filings, including Sarasota County's official statements, disclosure information and annual financial statements can be found here.

Debt Information 

Supplemental information and reports intended to help the public further understand County debt.
  • Sarasota County Debt Policy
  • Bond Debt Service Payment Schedules as of 09/30/12
  • Debt Section of the Consolidated Major Revenue & Debt Report

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