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2012 CAFR recognized for Excellence in Financial Reporting
2012 IMPACT report recognized for outstanding ahievement

Finance Department

In addition to the Clerk's roles as Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Recorder and Ex-Officio to the Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County (Board), the Clerk & Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Auditor for Sarasota County.  The Clerk is responsible for financial reporting, recording the financial transactions of the Board, receiving revenues, paying vendors and employees, investing surplus monies and debt administration.


    The Clerk & Comptroller's office is your source for information on Sarasota County finances, revenue and spending.

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Consolidated Major Revenue and Debt Report
  • IMPACT Report
  • Monthly Financial Report
  • Annual Financial Presentation to the Board


        As County Treasurer, the Clerk & Comptroller invests surplus public funds, producing the best and safest possible returns, ultimately reducing the burden on taxpayers.
        • Monthly Investment Summary Report



      • Accounting Services
      • Accounts Payable
      • Payroll

            The Clerk & Comptroller monitors Sarasota County's debt while ensuring the timely payment of debt service obligations.

            • Bond Ratings
            • Bond Debt Service Payment Schedules as of September 30, 2011
            • DAC


            GFOA Award - The Government Finance Officers Association consistently recognizes the Clerk's Finance department for its excellence in financial reporting.  Sarasota County has received this award every year since 1984.

              Sarasota County Financial Policies

            Investment Policy
            December 2013

            Financial Reserves Policy

            Debt Policy

            Capital Assets Policy
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